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CERTWO – We are a leading Salesforce consultancy company based in Portugal, dedicated to delivering quality over quantity. With our extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide top-notch Salesforce solutions tailored to meet your business’s specific needs. 

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Our teams are purpose-built around our client’s unique business challenges,


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Our team counts with a complete set of Salesforce certifications that empowers us to deliver quality that meets the high standards of top-tier product development, combined with the agility and efficiency of consulting services.

20+ Industries

At CERTWO, we're proud to have executed over 100 Salesforce implementations across a diverse range of sectors. Whether streamlining processes in IT, energizing retail experiences, or innovating financial services, our tailored Salesforce solutions are designed to advance every aspect of your business. With a rich history of empowering industries we ensure your enterprise is not just keeping pace, but setting the new heights in this digital-first era.

Solutions We Implement

At CERTWO, we understand that navigating the digital landscape can be complex, but with the right tools, it becomes an exciting journey towards achieving your business goals. Let's explore the Salesforce products through a CERTWO lens:

With Sales Cloud, empower your team to not just meet, but exceed your sales targets.

This renowned Salesforce product is designed to streamline customer and prospect management, enabling your team to forge stronger relationships and drive sales performance to new heights.

Service Cloud revolutionizes customer support by making it easly accessible.

Focused on omnichannel communication, this solution enhances the customer’s journey with your brand, ultimately boosting loyalty and interaction through a seamless experience.

Marketing Cloud is your go-to for crafting and monitoring marketing strategies.

Aimed at maintaining strategic communication with your clients across digital channels, it’s all about engaging your customers more often and driving data-driven results.

Community Cloud is designed to knit together customers, suppliers, and partners, creating a cohesive ecosystem.

By fostering forums, portals, and other platforms, it encourages interaction, collaboration, and communication among key stakeholders, enhancing the operational relevance to your business.

IOT Cloud transforms how your business applications are stored and accessed.

Moving away from traditional, single-device management, this solution allows for remote server access, ushering in a new era of efficiency and flexibility in application management.

App Cloud offers a revolutionary approach to application storage and access.

By hosting applications on a remote server, it provides a versatile alternative to conventional methods, ensuring your business applications are managed more effectively and securely.

Einstein Cloud leverages data analysis to not just glean insights but to streamline business efficiency.

This Salesforce product offers a dual advantage: it helps in formulating new strategies through insightful data analysis and automates routine tasks, allowing teams to focus on what truly matters.

Who we Are

Our approach is simple yet revolutionary.

We believe in delivering quality that echoes the standards of top-tier product development, blended seamlessly with the efficiency and speed of consultancy services. This harmonious combination allows us to provide our clients with solutions that are not only innovative and effective but also cost-efficient.

Who said you couldn’t have the best of both worlds?

At CERTWO, we prove it’s not only possible, it’s our standard.

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From improving performance to scalling up your business capabilities with Salesforce

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