Manage Opportunities for
Luxury Retail Clients

Luxury Retail Company
700 Stores
50 Countries
Annual Sales $2.4B
Client Overview

In the dynamic arena of luxury e-commerce, our client stands out for its vast selection of premium fashion. Our collaboration sought to refine their approach, empowering stylists with advanced tools to curate and communicate bespoke luxury experiences tailored to the discerning tastes of each customer. This partnership was pivotal in enhancing stylist efficiency and elevating the personalized shopping journey.


The primary challenge was enhancing stylist-client communications to increase personalized service effectiveness. The focus was to implement a system allowing stylists to select the optimal products and communicate through the right channel at the most opportune times, thereby improving client engagement and driving sales.

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increase Open Rate Emails

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Impact on global revenue

Boost on Stylists productivity and sales

How we Helped?

We’ve developed a tailored solution for Stylists. It uses recent search insights to help them select the right products and includes a custom email builder within Salesforce. This allows Stylists to create personalized communications quickly and send them through various channels. The emails also offer tracking features to monitor recipient engagement.

  • Insights 

  • 1-1 comms

  • comms channels (whatsapp)

  • opportunity management

  • high value opportunities

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