JIRA Integration for Service

Luxury Retail Company
700 Stores
50 Countries
Annual Sales $2.4B
Client Overview

In the dynamic arena of luxury e-commerce, our client stands out for its vast selection of premium fashion. Our collaboration sought to refine their approach, empowering stylists with advanced tools to curate and communicate bespoke luxury experiences tailored to the discerning tastes of each customer. This partnership was pivotal in enhancing stylist efficiency and elevating the personalized shopping journey.


The main challenge revolved around developing a robust integration between Salesforce and Jira to streamline workflows and enhance inter-platform communication. This integration was crucial to save time—approximately 40 seconds on each of the nearly 3,000 monthly Jira cases—facilitate seamless interactions between Salesforce agents and teams exclusively using Jira, and provide a consistent user experience within Salesforce.


Lower HT

Direct impact in FTE Efficiency based on AHT improvements

Licensing cost savings

How we Helped?

A robust integration between Salesforce/Jira to increase efficiencies and resolution times. Helped saving around 40 seconds on each Case with nearly 3k Jira Cases open every month.

Allows Salesforce agents to communicate with teams that only have access to JIRA (and vice-versa).


  • Consistent UX – by having the same flow for all teams without the need to leave Salesforce. It was built to give feedback to the agent through feed item posts under Cases in Salesforce and the statuses synchronization between Jira Tickets and Salesforce Cases.

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