Workload Distribution
Skills based routing

Luxury Retail Company
700 Stores
50 Countries
Annual Sales $2.4B
Client Overview

In the dynamic arena of luxury e-commerce, our client stands out for its vast selection of premium fashion. Our collaboration sought to refine their approach, empowering stylists with advanced tools to curate and communicate bespoke luxury experiences tailored to the discerning tastes of each customer. This partnership was pivotal in enhancing stylist efficiency and elevating the personalized shopping journey.


The central challenge in the luxury retail company’s scenario revolves around mastering intricate workforce and service management operations, particularly in efficiently allocating and optimizing human resources to meet the demanding, varied needs of a dynamic, luxury market landscape, especially during peak operational periods.


Highest Customer Satisfaction Score

Reduce OPEX

Lower Handling Time

How we Helped?

The solution leverages Salesforce’s fundamental features such as Service Cloud, Omni-Channel, and Entitlements. It’s then customized to meet the specific needs of each business through the use of Apex, Omni-Channel flows, and a touch of AI. 

This ensures that high-priority tasks are promptly addressed to advisors, resulting in faster case resolution and preventing disruptions caused by changing demands and capacity shifts.

This service teams must effectively manage a web of intricate operations involving external partners like merchants and carriers, as well as internal functions such as stock management, returns, and refunds. This complexity extends from handling parent to child cases and covering both B2B and B2C scenarios. 

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