CERTWO CTI is a subscription based CTI Application built 100% on top of and Twilio leveraging the uptime of both platforms and also their ISO’s, no need for extra security audits. CERTWO CTI provides Voice & SMS & WhatsApp at the most competitive rates in the market as all minutes, messages, phone numbers, etc. are paid directly to the voip provider (i.e. “factory cost”).

Certified APP
Voice & SMS

CERTWO CTI enables our customers leverage Twilio in order to make and receive calls directly from their CRM, leveraging all the power of Twilio and the Salesforce platform, everything lives inside your CRM.


The integration of WhatsApp messaging into the CERTWO CTI enables our customers to leverage the WhatsApp channel within their Salesforce and manage all communication through Salesforce Cases following WhatsApp’s communication guidelines.

Salesforce Omnichannel

Integration with Salesforce enhances our CTI solutions, offering a unified system that centralizes communication channels and streamlines customer interactions.

Product Features

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Make and Receive Calls

Click-to-Call Support

Salesforce Business Hours Support

Route Calls using Salesforce Omni-Channel

Call Metrics

Call Recording



Power Dialer
Automatic Outbound Dialer for Sales/Marketing use cases

Automations leveraging Salesforce Flows

WhatsApp light

Phone numbers management

Relate Calls to Anything

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